Pacific Fair Styling Masterclass!

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

As a fashion stylist I absolutely love when I get the opportunity to show case the latest trends, what walks the runway and basically what’s new in the fashion world through styling masterclasses! As a consultant this gives me the pleasure of working with brands and larger scale companies to represent what products have recently hit the shelves as I do a talk through workshop on how-to style those garments. Giving the audience a deeper knowledge and look at what works, what’s on trend and basically the full run down on how-to style your wardrobe perfectly for the coming season!

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to have been involved in Pacific Fair’s Summer Spring fashion month, where I was a featured Stylist! My workshops were all about show casing and giving examples of how-to style your fashion staples and basics to keep on trend, with accessorising being your best friend!

My personal style is quite stripped back focusing on timeless pieces and a neutral colour pallet, using ‘on trend’ accessories to change the entire look. Keeping your wardrobe minimal is a really cost effective way by playing around with accessories to keep with the trends, rather than breaking the bank account on one off clothing items that will only be worn a hand full of times.

My styling masterclasses are always so much fun! I could talk about fashion all day, so playing dress ups and calling it my job is really a pinch me moment! To be involved in and keep up with where my next masterclasses will be held stay tuned over on my instagram! @ebonyyshield

If you would like to book me for a styling masterclass please head to this link ( and fill out the contact form!

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