Puppy Love!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I couldn’t have a blog and not feature my fur babies now could I? My little girls (actually rather large girls! Haha) are my two favourite things in the whole entire world and personally I could scroll through photos of dogs all day long so that’s why I’m gonna treat your eyes to the cutest snaps of my Golden Retrievers ‘Hamíaya’ and ‘Marlii’.

Fun fact, their actually half sisters both with the same mummy ! Their a massive part of my life, and this blog is all for getting personal with you guys, so get ready to melt over these two fluff balls!

Introducing Marlii to the world, 8 weeks old

Marlii’s first bath

Marlii and I getting our hair done

Marlii being the cutest prop on shoot days

Endless coffee dates

Hamíaya being the beach babe she is

Marlii & Me

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